Smart Coco A+

Price RM24

Contains 90 tablet

A raisin formulation enriched with Homeopathy and biochemical nutrients, all in a chewable tablet form, to be taken with non-caffeinated or non-carbonated drinks. Effectively taken before sleep.


Homeopathy nutrients (bio-chemical salt tissues) help to supply micro-chemical to the bodyís nerve system in order to balance the bodyís regular chemical imperfection. According to research, bio-medical, climate extremities and the rising temperature are majorly affecting the humanís health. In this given situation, our health and body loss a great deal of mineral salt, making us prone to stress, exhaustion and susceptible to diseases and viruses. Thus, Smart Sweet A+ is important to refill the mineral loss and reverses the problems. The tablets can be taken for long-term consumption because of itís supplementary food properties.


Beneficial for

1. Empowering the nerve system (brain). Despite weighing only 2-3 lbs, 21% of the oxygen content in the body is for the brain.

2. Stress control.

3. Minimizing nervousness and panic attack.

4. Helps balancing the bloodís circulation to the brain.


Suggested consumption

1 tablet at morning, right upon awake and 2 tablets before sleeping (for maximum effectiveness, prevent hand contact with the tablets)



Homeopathy nutriens, Dextrose, Raisin extracts.

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