Smart Coco A+


Goat A+RM27

Goat A+ dengan madu


Contains 15 sachets x 21gm

Benefits of goat’s milk


Rich in calcium and protein / Effective to contain jaundice / Helps to ease gastric pain and stomach ulcer / Helps to cure skin’s diseases / Helps to contain and cure athma / Helps to ease gout symptoms with anti-cancer agent / Helps preventing diabetes / Goat’s milk is a drink of Prophets and his friends (anbiya’)

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Benefits of honey


Honey is a natural sweetener with outstanding medicinal properties, used for centuries and also mentioned in the Holy Quran. History shows that honey was used as a remedy in ancient Egypt. Among the nutritional value of honey are 1) As antioxidant & great for skin’s beauty 2) Calms, anti-fungal & nutritious 3) Repairs body tissues & maintains body’s calcium rate 4) Anti-bacterial and good for body’s internal as well as external problems 5) Increases body’s immunity.

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